Anchorage Gymnastics Association

525 W Potter Dr.  Anchorage, AK 99518  Ph: 907.563.3041

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are gymnastics shoes and why does my child need to wear them?

A. Gymnastic shoes are a soft suede-like shoe, slightly similar to a ballet shoe, worn by gymnasts when doing gymnastics. We require all children in our program to wear gym shoes for health and safety reasons.

Q. Can I pay for each class as my child attends?

A. No. Because we have everyone sign up for a session, you may split up the total bill into two or three payments.

Q. Can I watch my child during class?

A. Yes. Parents are welcome to observe any class at any time from our designated observation areas.

Q. Do you offer a discount for multiple children?

A. Not at this time.

Q. If my child misses a day, can he/she make it up?

A. If your child misses a class and has a doctor's note, he/she can make up the class on another day within the same session.

Q. What kind of clothing does my child need to wear?

A. We do not allow anything with snaps, zippers, buttons and no jeans. Shorts, sweat pants, and leotards are worn by many of the children.

Q. How old does my child need to be to attend the preschool?

A. We cannot take children under the age of 3.

Q. How do I sign my child up for gymnastics/preschool/etc.?

A. If your child has not been in our program before we'll need you to come by and fill out our enrollment paperwork.

Q. What is the student/teacher ratio.

A. 10:1 is our max. We try to keep our classes smaller for better one-on-one learning and coaching.

Q. Is your preschool program just a daycare?

A. No! We have an academics based preschool program which prepares a preschooler for Kindergarten.

Q. I don't think he/she should start in a beginner class. How do I know?

A. Our coaching staff will test your child to see where they should start