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A98X0132-600.jpgGymnastics Programs

Gymnastics programs are divided into two categories. Non-competitive and competitive. Recreational gymnastics is the non-competitive side of things.

Our programs provide interesting experiences for children to develop gymnastics skills, with an emphasis on building self confidence. The Anchorage Gymnastics Association is a progressive and unique gymnastics sports facility. Training begins with the fundamentals of gymnastic movement and progresses to the higher levels of skill. Our primary goal is the development of children into outstanding students and young athletes who are mentally, socially and physically fit.

Our classes promote strength, balance, flexibility, speed, agility, rhythm, coordination and timing. Mental benefits include discipline, perseverance, courage, self confidence, and self appreciation. Social benefits are helpfulness, pride in group achievement and sportsmanship. Development of these attributes will help other athletic activities and scholastic endeavors.

Gymnastics Equipment

Our well appointed facility offers your gymnast access to the following equipment:

  • 2 gymnastics floors
  • 3 pommel horses
  • 2 sets of official still rings
  • 4 sets of practice still rings
  • 15 Balance Beams
  • 3 sets of uneven bars
  • 1 pit bar
  • 2 high strap bars
  • 2 high bars
  • vault
  • 4 sets of parallel bars
  • 40' trampoline
  • tumble track
  • 6' deep foam pit


Recreational        Competitive        Competition Schedules        Coaches

Recreational Gymnastics


Boys Rec Class

Ages: 5+
Summer: Tuesday and Thursday: 4:15pm-5:10pm
School Year: Mon - Fri: 4:15pm-5:10pm, 5:15pm-6:10pm, 6:15pm-7:10pm

Girls Rec Class

Ages: 5+
Rec 1: For all beginner recreational girls.
Mon- 4:15-5:10, 6:15-7:10
Tues- 4:15-5:10, 5:15-6:10
Wed- 4:15-5:10, 5:15-6:10
Thurs- 4:15-5:10
Rec 2: INVITE ONLY for advanced recreational girls.
Mon- 5:15-6:10
Tues- 4:15-5:10
Wed- 6:15-7:10
Thurs- 4:15-5:10

Preschool Gymnastics

Ages: 3-5
Summer: Wednesday: 5:15pm-6:00pm     Fall: Wednesday 5:15-6:00, Saturday TBD

Jr./Sr. High School Gymnastics

Ages: 12+
Summer Session and Winter Break: Tues and Thurs: 6-7:30 p.m.
Fall Session: Tues and Thurs: 7:15-8:45

Adult Class

Ages: 13+
Summer and Winter Break: Tues and Thurs: 6-7:30 p.m.
School Year: Tues and Thurs: 7:15-8:45


We have open enrollment for all programs. We require you to commit your child to an entire month. We prorate if you sign your child up mid month.

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July 4-5  |  Sept 5  |  Nov 24-25  |  Dec 23-26 2022


Recreational        Competitive        Competition Schedules        Coaches

Competitive Gymnastics


Team requires a much bigger commitment than recreational classes.

Children are admitted to the team program by invitation only. A child's strength, flexibility and mental readiness are evaluated. Based on the evaluation, they are placed into an appropriate skill level independent of age and will work on skills and routines with the goal of participating in local, regional, and even national competitions.

Boys Team

Our Boys Team has earned dozens of individual and team titles while producing State, Regional and National champions over our 40 year history. A solid foundation of strength and basic technique along with commitment and hard work are what the coaches attribute to the team's success. Our program strives to engage each athlete to achieve their full gymnastics potential and learn important lessons that will serve them throughout their lifetime. We encourage sportsmanship, perseverance, accountability, safety and respect for self and others.

Girls Team

The girls compulsory team will provide an introduction to a more disciplined and dedicated approach to a child's gymnastics. The gymnasts will be given the opportunity to work through the competitive levels set forth by USA Gymnastics. Emphasis is placed on training competitively. The continuous training and lesson plans provided by the coaches are the most current techniques released to the gymnastics community.

The optional levels allow the gymnasts to show off their talent and creativity by making up their own routines. These routines consist of special difficulty requirements.


Recreational        Competitive        Competition Schedules        Coaches

Competition Schedules

Girls Compulsory Schedule 2022-2023 TBA 
Levels 3, 4, 5

Schedule subject to change

Date Event






Girls Optionals Levels 6-10 and Xcel Schedule 2022-2023 TBD
Levels 6-10

Schedule subject to change

Date Event

Boys Competition Schedule 2022-2023 TBD
Levels 4-10, JD

Schedule subject to change

Date Event






Recreational        Competitive        Competition Schedules        Coaches

Gymnastics Coaches


Our team coaches are members of USA Gymnastics.